TypeItIn silent installer with command line options

There is an installer available for each version of Typeitin that supports several command line options.




Available command line options:

  • TARGET=FOLDER Set folder for data, variable, and backup files
  • GROUPMON=ON/OFF Turn group sharing monitor on/off
  • GROUPDIR=FOLDER Set group sharing monitor folder
  • STAT=ON/OFF Turn statistics on/off
  • STATDIR=FOLDER Set folder where statistics are saved
  • NAME=LICENSE_NAME Set license name
  • CODE=LICENSE_CODE Set license code
  • VERF=LICENSE_VERIFICATION Set license verification
  • /LOG=FILE Create installer log file
  • /VERYSILENT Run installer without user intervention

To install Typeitin Network with no user interaction and enter the license information:
TypeItInNetworkcs "name=John Smith" "code=eKHZi9aTRG4U" "verf=ZgrZpaKKRyBnM" /verysilent

To install Typeitin Enterprise and specify where the data files are saved:
TypeItInEnterprisecs TARGET=%USERPROFILE%\Documents\TypeItIn\

Depending on the installation environment you may have to escape the % character with a single or multiple ‘ or ” characters.

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