Beta Versions

It is important to understand that although I do not publicly post software unless I have a high degree of confidence in it, beta test software may not be fully debugged. I, like other software developers, post pre-release versions of my software to give existing customers a chance to try the new features, comment on them, and report any problems. If you are not comfortable using pre-release software, I recommend that you not download the beta test version and instead wait for the release version of the program.

On the other hand, if you are interested in trying new features and willing to report any problems, you are encouraged to give a pre-release version a try. I don’t think that you will have any problems, but if you do, I would appreciate it if you would report them to me by sending email to

TypeItIn Beta

Please read before installing the beta version.

Download TypeItIn Professional V3.7 beta 3
Download TypeItIn Network V3.7 beta 3
Download TypeItIn Enterprise V3.7 beta 3

This is what is new in this beta:

  • Beta 3
  • Reduced resource usage on high CPU load systems.
  • Simplified license verification procedure.
  • Added Set button color option to button right click menu.
  • Added Auto option to window watch menu to automatically trigger a button when a window becomes active.
  • Added Search window auto close on Edit, Show, and/or Edit button click.
  • Added button change sharing in Network and Enterprise versions.
  • Added right click on shortcut key button in Edit Window to clear shortcut key.
  • Added right click on shortcut key list in Shortcut key window to clear key.
  • Added Help button to Settings window.
  • Fixed issue with Undo button menu option.
  • Fixed issue with Setup-Groups Right Click Menu Rename visible for Clipboard group.
  • Fixed issue with file associations for enc var tsf tgl and tgf files.
  • Fixed issue with user variable list in Enterprise version.
  • Fixed issue with Name as user variable name.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate New user variable names.
  • Fixed issue with missing _ in statistics file name.
  • Clipboard group in Enterprise version is now only filled when group is selected.
  • Changed Variable Clear to Variable Delete to delete a saved variable.
  • Variable Clear function now clears all variables.
  • Changed all Browse for Folder dialogs in Setup to more updated version with file type detection.
  • Changed Font dialog font list height.
  • Beta 2
  • Added favorite color list to button color selection window.
  • Improved Enterprise version clipboard sharing server error handling.
  • Beta 1
  • Added option to change window watch and shortcut monitoring activation key from Control to Shift or `~.
  • Added ability to step through button functions. (Network & Enterprise versions only)
  • Added WaitForCtrl function to wait for Control key to be pressed before continuing with button.
  • Added option to record delay time between mouse functions.
  • Changed Pause and Delay functions info displayed in Typeitin title bar.
  • Fixed issue with Export options dialog window location checking.
  • Fixed issue with Escape key not stopping button in Delay function.
  • Fixed issue with & in license name not displaying correctly in About dialog.
  • Fixed issue with variable math using unnumbered variable {Var}.
  • Fixed issue with Setup window and different display font settings.
  • Fixed issue with time between keys set to zero not typing at program’s & computer’s max speed.

PasteItIn Beta

There are currently no beta versions of PasteItIn available.