Beta Versions

It is important to understand that although I do not publicly post software unless I have a high degree of confidence in it, beta test software may not be fully debugged. I, like other software developers, post pre-release versions of my software to give existing customers a chance to try the new features, comment on them, and report any problems. If you are not comfortable using pre-release software, I recommend that you not download the beta test version and instead wait for the release version of the program.

On the other hand, if you are interested in trying new features and willing to report any problems, you are encouraged to give a pre-release version a try. I don’t think that you will have any problems, but if you do, I would appreciate it if you would report them to me by sending email to

TypeItIn Beta

There are currently no beta versions of TypeItIn available.

PasteItIn Beta

Please read before installing the beta version.

Download PasteItIn Professional Version 1.8 beta 3
Download PasteItIn Network Version 1.8 beta 3

This is what is new in this beta:

  • Beta 3
  • Added new version check in Settings – License.
  • Right click on color button now sets button color to last used colors.
  • Beta 2
  • Added Shortcut Key option to QuickFixes.
  • Added Shortcut Key to paste last copied button.
  • Added clear shortcut button in Settings – Shortcuts.
  • Fixed issue with track used buttons and button color.
  • Fixed user interface issues in Shortcut Key editor.
  • Beta 1
  • Added ability to change button color.
  • Added QuickFix function to change button color.
  • Added RollUp, Search and Settings to button window title bar menu.
  • Added license management tab to Settings window.
  • Renamed Setup window to Settings.
  • Button text is now updated as button name is edited.
  • Fixed issue with button window visible on Windows startup screen.
  • Fixed user interface issue with QuickFix window.