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TypeItIn V2.9.3
TypeItIn Button Window

TypeItIn lets you create groups of buttons that will type any information you want into any application.

You can use TypeItIn to complete forms on the web, or process forms at work.
It's a great tool for applications where you frequently type the same thing like creating HTML code or writing standard letters or emails.
Another great use is for entering user names and passwords. You can also launch applications or web sites with the click of a button.
TypeItIn can automatically type in the time or date, work with the clipboard, move & resize windows, and control Internet Explorer.
You can also Record your typing to automatically create buttons.

"Since I started using TypeItIn, my productivity has almost doubled!"- David - DSL support center.

Read the TypeItIn Help File on-line or download a PDF version and discover how it can improve your productivity!

TypeItIn has proven through studies to increase efficiency and accuracy with a short learning curve. Work smarter, not harder. Don't wait, find out what TypeItIn can do for you today!

"I searched for macro software everywhere and this one is hands down the best I found" - Nathan - Call Center Planning Analyst.

What is new in Version 2.9.3?

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TypeItIn is free to try for 30 days.

TypeItIn is easy to use! Right click on a button to pop up the Button Menu. From here you can create new buttons, edit existing ones, or delete buttons. Right click on the Group List to pop up the Group Menu to create, edit, and delete groups. You can also password protect groups that contain sensitive information like logins or credit card numbers.

TypeItIn Network
In addition to the Professional version of TypeItIn, there is also a Network version of TypeItIn. While the Professional version of TypeItIn is more geared towards individual use, the Network version targets a more corporate environment.
    The Network version adds the following features:
  • Load and Save Groups - Manual sharing of buttons between users.
  • Group Network directories - Automatic sharing of buttons across the network.
  • Usage Statistics - Keep track of how and when TypeItIn buttons are used.
  • Search and Replace - Search an entire group of buttons and replace specific pieces of text.
  • Administrator can remotely maintain groups of buttons.
  • Ability to lock groups, prohibiting users from editing the information.
  • Ability to store data files on a network drive, supports Microsoft Windows roaming profiles.
  • Ability to customize installation and user interface features.
The Network version is currently being used by several large call centers, banks, universities, and medical institutions. Studies have proven that TypeItIn greatly increases productivity and accuracy.

Download TypeItIn Network

Please contact typeitin@wavget.com for high volume pricing and group licensing information.

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