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PasteItIn V1.5
PasteItin Button Window

PasteItIn continually monitors the Windows Clipboard and automatically stores any text information you copy from any application. As you copy items, PasteItIn fills buttons with the information. You can then paste the items by simply clicking each button as you need it. You can create multiple groups of buttons that can automatically pop up when you open a specific application or window.

PasteItIn removes all formatting so the text will automatically use the formatting style of the application that you paste the text into.

Read the PasteItIn Help File on-line and discover it's many capabilities.

"I downloaded PasteItIn yesterday and it is the answer to my prayers! I just sent an email out to about 20 friends telling them about it."

Curious how PasteItIn can improve your efficiency? Read the order processing example!

What is new in Version 1.5?

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PasteItIn is shareware and
free to try for 30 days.

With PasteItIn you can create multiple groups of buttons that are automatically filled by the Windows Clipboard.
You can use the handy Quick Fix macro language to quickly correct formatting issues with the text you copied. The Setup window allows you to customize the way PasteItIn behaves.
PasteItIn comes with an easy to read help file to get you started quickly. It takes very little disk space and doesn't use a lot of memory. In addition, it comes with an easy to use installer and un-installer.

Now available... PasteItIn Network!
Share clipboard or permanent buttons across a network!
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