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TypeItIn TypeItIn was created to make your life easier! You can create buttons that will type in text for you... a proven way to increase your productivity. Used by companies world-wide!
PasteItIn PasteItIn is a great way to increase your efficiency! It greatly enhances the Windows Clipboard in a very simple way so you can stop wasting time and get some real work done!
Adwizard Enter a lot of classified ads? AdWizard will organize all your sites and let you know when it's time to resubmit the ad! Of course it comes with a built-in Type function to enter the advertisement for you!
Sweep! Like to enter sweepstakes on the web? Sweep! will help you organize a large number of sites... it will even remind you when it's time to enter again and it has a built-in Type function!
Register Some of our programs are freeware, some others are shareware. Shareware is supported by you, the user, so please check out the registration page!
Download Download the latest versions of all our programs here. They are quick to download and you'll find them (almost) self installing!
Feedback A program is only as good as its users' feedback! So please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments on any of our programs.

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